Why work one on one with us?!

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What do you get when you work with us 1:1?


Confidence – My aim from the start is to equip my clients with the knowledge to begin to make plans and decisions themselves. If you understand the why’s behind what we do it is much easier to embrace the change and be confident in the process. My clients will be able to problem solve and manage their days and nights well, navigating siblings, appointments, teething, illness and other things life throws at us. My job is not to make all of your decisions for you but provide you with the knowledge and support to confidently make your own.


Getting to know your baby – “How do you know your baby is tired?” 8/10 times parents answer that they are confused by the signs or there are just no signs at all. They are constantly trying to figure out the right combination of awake times vs set nap times but constantly feeling they have not got it right. The brilliant side effect of getting sleep sorted for your bub is that they become much easier to read. When they are not constantly tired these elusive tired signs become very clear. Judging when your baby needs to sleep is much easier.

When your baby sleeps well at night you take the guess work out of parenting and you know when they actually NEED you. Gone are the days laying there questioning hot/cold, hungry, wind, sick, teething etc. When your baby sleeps well and then it is much more obvious when they truly need support at night rather than just assistance to go back to sleep time and time again.


Structure not schedule – I do not provide you with a scheduled day of strict nap and bedtimes and total hours of sleep they need to achieve. Children wake at different times of the day and nap for different lengths each day. They are not robots and asking for a strict routine just sets parents up for failure. There is nothing worse than starting your day feeling like you are already failing because your baby didn’t sleep until 7am or for 2 hours for their first nap.

We will structure your day realistically and in line with the needs of your baby. This also provides you with flexibility to your day too. We work with age appropriate awake times and assess these as we go along. I feel we provide a less stressful alternative to strict routines with no contingency plan if your baby doesn’t fit into this mould. You will always know what to do next with our plan and support.


Flexibility – Believe it or not a baby who knows how to sleep well in their cot at home and sleeps well over night is much more adaptable to change than an overtired baby that relies on external cues to be able to sleep. So often parents fear engaging help worried that we will tell you to only nap at home and give you a strict routine. I encourage naps in the car, pram, carrier and porta cot in my plans and help navigate how to do this to maintain sleep. Well rested bubs are far better at being able to have a shorter nap due to being out on occasion or a slightly later bedtime on the weekend as they have the ability to regulate that sleep the next day.


Realistic expectations – I will not tell you it is ok or normal to be up all night with your baby if you have come to me to seek help. I will let you know what is appropriate and realistic for sleep for whatever age your child is. I will not ask you or your child to do something they are not capable of such as sleeping through the night from a young age. Together we will work on realistic goals to restore sleep to the family and make sure that it is in line with age and development.


Peace – So often parents say, “I am just so sick of thinking about and analysing sleep every day”. We give you the knowledge, confidence and structure to always know what’s coming next – this is beneficial for parents and baby. Navigate developmental milestones, adjust awake times, drop naps and troubleshoot tricky days with confidence. Your baby will be able to guide you and you will be able to respond without the guess work to their needs along the way and adjust things as you need to. I am always so proud of my clients when they get gain that confidence and let go of the control and allow things to happen naturally. Thinking about baby sleep can be all consuming and removing this overwhelm can really bring peace to a family.


Sleep – For the emotional, relational, developmental and physical well-being of your little one and the entire family. For the benefits it has on mental health, immunity, relationships and post-natal outcome. Never underestimate the power of sleep.


Our one-on-one packages are available to clients around the world. They include an initial consult this is either via the phone or in home options where we carry out the changes with you. Followed by an emailed personalised plan and two weeks of daily calls (minus Sundays) to troubleshoot, support and guide you along your journey to better sleep. That way we make sure sleep issues are a thing of the past before we wrap up. Click here to take a look at our one on one options.


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