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I just wanted to leave my first ever review….. on anything. It has to be this course.

I knew one thing when I was pregnant with my first baby….. my husband and I need good sleep. He worked long hours that then turned into  fly in and fly out without any continuity to it. I was diagnosed with HG and I worked 5-6 days week with long hours and it solidified what we needed post our first born. My sister had her first baby and her little girl wasn’t easy. She had reflux, her breast feeding journey wasn’t happening but not with out trying everything under the sun. We knew about Tara and her course. My sisters life turned around when she started the course so I knew this was my journey as well. Day ONE of my daughter being 13 weeks 4 days we dropped the dummy. Well I didMy husband worked all day and then had a basketball game on that night. I remember calling him in a panic of doing it. But then 20

Minutes later I called him in absolute satisfaction. She was asleep and slept well and that has continued on for 2 years and 3/4. I had bought the course a day earlier: watched every single video and started the morning my daughter woke up.

My daughter is a dream sleeper. We have had a few nights of fighting her sleep when she’s reached that developmental age of pushing boundaries but I have re jigged her day time naps (she is definitely my child that has a greater need for sleep) and we no longer ‘fight’ her bed time. I say fight bed time but it wasn’t really even that. I had my son when my daughter was just under 15 months. I wanted nothing but an easy transition. Don’t we all. But that did not happen. My son was born with extreme breathing difficulties that resulted in many stressful days and nights as well as two surgeries before he was one.

Tara let me msg her personally and answered with great care and thoughtfulness. She knew the scenario from her time In paeds and I didn’t have to explain myself which I did find I had to do many times with many other health care professionals esp paeds. As a family we were under a feeding specialist, many speech pathologists, a wonderful team of ENTs and I also sought a  private physio and a paed Chiro.

But you know the one thing I knew would help my son/ sleep. I just knew it. So when I felt comfortable and with guidance and reassurance from Tara I implemented what I had done with my daughter. A safe,  totally practical way of both of my children learning their sleep space. I hate and I mean hate what bull shit social media comes out with with sleep training. It’s mostly from people who haven’t educated themselves in any of the area at all. Or maybe that old school myth that if you let your child cry for hours they’ll exhaust them selves and fall asleep. Or that my child will be less attached To me because I have done…… dom dommm dommmmmm

“ sleep training” 

When really what this course has given us as a family as a whole is the opportunity to see this learning curve as a bigger picture. It doesn’t start and end with sleep. It starts with how that child wakes up, how you interact with them and how you feed them HOWEVER that may be because my god breast fed, topped up, formula fed or however that child is fed DOES Not impact how that child has a relationship with sleep. Or their day. What matters is us as parents, as the guiders in their life and how they start their day to how they finish their day. The predictability of it all. How it all makes complete sense when you look at it as a whole. Knowing sleep means everything to us and even more to a developing Brain/ but more than that. Knowing my relationship with my child is strong full stop. Not because some one views ‘sleep training’ with a projection of themselves but rather with total confidence that as a family we are supporting our children’s complete needs.  Which therefore means both of my kids can fall asleep Any where and with almost anyone and they feel safe In Their routine and it means as a family we understand each others needs and can focus on the more joyful things that life offers. Not focusing on naps, sleep, feeding, meal times. Or for my son for

Example who had severe breathing issues and silent reflux but it meant we could sleep knowing he had the skills to go to sleep trusting and us and us trusting him. 

Tara and her girls and their effort in educating themselves and there for us on the value of sleep is a god send. The value we put on sleep as adults is huge. My husband always says to

Me” thank fuckkkkk we have you” and I just always think./… Thank fuck for the gentle sleep

Specialists. You can’t put a dollar value on your kids well being. It starts with a good sleep be it a nap or their night time sleep. But it’s more than that. 

It’s the one thing I will never ever be suaded on. If you ask me I’m a self taught (by you guys) sleep expert 


This isn’t paid or an ad or anything like that.

I’ve always wanted to say thank you. 


Thank you you guys. 

My husband and I can’t thank you enough for taking the worry out of something as first time parents you have absolutely no idea what to do or how to navigate. We are almost wired into thinking you’ll have no hope with sleep until they’re teenagers or beyond

 Because no sleep is ‘normal’

What is normal is my happy healthy family and I couldn’t ask for anything more



With the highest adoration and respect to you girls/

Keep doing what you’re doing!!!! You’re doing wonderful things for families!!!!!!!

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