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I have put together a series of short videos of hints + tips of the most commonly asked questions around sleep for your baby, newborn or toddler.


The team at Gentle Sleep Specialist work in partnership with Paediatric Professionals within the Perth area. In the last 12 months we have been pleased to announce our new relationships with Perth Paediatrics and Baby Steps Health Centre.

Sleep is a fundamental pillar of health and increases the well being of your little one. Our partnerships with qualified medical professionals means you are able to access a full range of health services to care for your little one whilst also having access to our services to learn our method for promoting  healthy sleep patterns,  benefiting not just your little one, but yourself and your family too.

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In the Media

My advice as a Baby Sleep Consultant has been shared in a variety of places in order to promote the benefits of sleep for the growth and development of your baby.

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We were up 2-5 times a night with feeds...

"Tara is ammmmmazing!!! Our little guy (just over 4 months) slept 12 hours straight from night 2 and never looked back!

Prior to Tara, we were up 2-5 times a night with feeds, having to feed or rock to sleep every time plus dealing with mini catnaps never more than 30 mins during the day which made for a grumpy bub each afternoon.

Most importantly, Tara made sure we were comfortable with our plan and made me feel so incredibly supported during our two weeks. Any time I had a question or was feeling unsure, Tara was always available to help me through it"

I would spend hours settling only to have a baby who would catnap constantly

I cannot recommend Tara highly enough and have so many good things to say about this program!

As a first time parent I felt like I would spend hours settling only to have a baby who would catnap constantly throughout the day! The plan Tara gave us was simple, effective and paid off so quickly. I have a very happy baby now and I feel more confident dealing with future sleep challenges.

Tara is personable, pragmatic and very knowledgeable on all things baby sleep. Thank you again Tara from a very happy Mummy. 

Within two nights he was sleeping 12 hours a night!

The night Tara came to our home our little boy settled within 20 mins and slept for 5.5 hours (longest he has ever slept) before resettling very quickly and sleeping another 3 hours. Within two nights he was sleeping 12 hours a night!

Why didn't we do this sooner!

After months of night waking, Tara from The Gentle Sleep Specialist has changed our world around and not to mention our sanity!

Overnight we saw our little girl sleep a whole 12 hours, have two long day naps and she has continued to be a good little sleeper since we had our initial consultation with the amazing Tara.

Tara from The Gentle Specialist is with you throughout the whole sleep plan journey and only a call/text away to answer any issues you may have. I cannot recommend her enough if you're having any sleep issues with your bubs/toddlers.

We are so thankful for all you help Tara and just wished we'd done it months ago

Baby Sleep Packages


Be guided on how to provide an environment and create habits conducive to a positive sleep routine for baby.

  • Education on safe sleep practice.
  • Creating a nursery that promotes sleep.
  • Building the foundations of good sleep practice.


A private 60 min phone consultation you will learn how to support your baby with good sleeping habits

  • How to incorporate positive communication.
  • Current feelings and sleep goals.
  • Current feed and sleep regimes.


Be supported by 90 minutes of guided support on  helping baby sleep, in your own home.

  • The vital role sleep plays in your child’s development.
  • Creating a nursery that promotes sleep.
  • Family dynamics.


*MOST POPULAR CHOICE* In home guidance. Initial settling plus before and after. 

  • Most popular package
  • In home support + guidance for the first settling
  • Understanding sleep and the vital role it plays in development.


Half night sleep consultation in your own home between 5 + 11 pm.

  • Understanding sleep and the vital role it plays in your child’s development.
  • Creating a nursery that promotes sleep.
  • Family dynamics.


Conditions Apply - for previous clients only.

  • The ‘Something Small’ Package is only available to clients who have worked with Tara previously.
    For qualifying clients, please contact Tara via email if you are interested in getting more information on this package.

Find out more about Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultations and Packages.

Contact Tara for a preliminary discussion about your baby's sleep. Whether you have a newborn baby or a toddler, sleep is vital to their development, and yours! Discuss your situation with a baby sleep expert.

Baby Sleep Consultant FAQ's

As a Baby Sleep Consultant I get asked similar questions of many concerned or tired parents. 

The information below contains transcripts from my videos however, if you would like to watch the videos, you can head to my resource library for tips on baby sleep.


Catnapping. It's one of the most common questions I get asked when it comes to little one's sleep. So, here's my top three tips on combating the cat nap. Firstly, self settling. It's really important that our little ones know how to self settle in order to be able to resettle between those cycles. Secondly, overtired babies, they don't sleep well. So, ensuring your little one is put to bed on time, and not too overtired will really help them get through to that next sleep cycle. And, thirdly, offering plenty of opportunity for your little one to practice sleeping at home. In order to get them to settle between their cycles, when they're at home they get the opportunity to do so. Head to my page for more top tips on catnapping.

The Four Month Sleep Regression

The four month sleep regression is famous. Let's face it, if you've got a little one you've heard all about the four month sleep regression. Basically, here's the idea of the four month sleep regression. Your little one when they are a newborn, they have lengthier sleep cycles. At four months, these sleep cycles they shorten. If you've got a little one who's waking regularly, or unable to settle between these cycles, you're more likely to notice more waking throughout the night and shorter naps through the day, because their sleep cycles as a whole have shortened.

The other thing that happens around four months is a different type of understanding. Your little one is really becoming aware of what they think is playing a role, or what they think needs to play a role in getting them off to sleep. When you pair those two together, it's the perfect storm for poor sleep.

Getting on top of sleep is key. In order to avoid further sleep regressions and not getting into a cycle of blaming teething, and reflux, and things like that, when you got on top of sleep habits and what they associate with falling off to sleep, it makes all the difference in the world. Get sleep sorted - contact me.

Newborns Sleep Tips

Newborns, it's either everything you dreamed of or nothing you imagined, but that's okay. When I get lots of inquiries on newborns I really recommend that they get regular opportunities for sleep. Newborns get overtired really easily. They can present as crying, arching their back, not feeding well. So offer lots of opportunity for sleep.

 The next thing is focus on your feeding. So insuring that they're having really good feeds. When you get caught in a cycle of snack feeding and snack sleeping, it can just be this vicious cycle that gives you poor feeding as a result and poor sleep. Focus on good feeds, then a bit of a playtime, and then sleep after that. The next thing is setting the scene. Insuring that your little one has a good environment can assist getting baby to sleep. I recommend dark environments that they have their own safe sleep space and giving them plenty of opportunity to practice sleeping in there.

Lastly setting up habits that you wish to see in the future. Whatever you plan, whichever way you plan on running with your little one and sleep, just think ahead and think if what I'm doing now is sustainable great keep going. But if not practice other ways, try and implement the things you wish to see ahead early on.

Babies, toddlers and early morning waking.

Early morning waking, it can be really troublesome and something that tends to linger. So firstly with early morning waking, I recommend bringing bedtime forward. A lot of people think that if they push their bedtime later, it'll help early morning waking. It's actually the opposite. Little ones who go down to bed overtired are most likely to wake early in the morning. Then we look at how they're getting off to sleep. If your little one's relying on a prop to get off to sleep, dummy primarily, as they come out and into these light sleep phases, at four, five in the morning, they tend to wake to find their prop, and then have much more trouble settling back into the next sleep cycle, hence their early morning waking. And also making sure your little one is warm. When babies are cold, they really struggle to get through those early hours of the morning, and tend to wake a lot earlier than what they should, so keep your little ones snug. For more on early morning waking, get in touch.

Babies + toddlers. Self-settling + sleep.

Self settling, what's the big deal?

For many, it's not. A lot of babies have the ability to drift from one sleep cycle to the next, but for a lot of little ones, they've become reliant on external measures to get them to sleep time and time again throughout the night. So basically, when you're trying to get on top of self settling, here's my three top tips.

Firstly, ensure that you're consistent. Have a good plan and stick to it. Little ones learn through repetition and association and it's no different when trying to change habits.

Secondly, ensure your little one isn't overtired. Making sure your little one is put down to bed on time and not too tired before they go to bed is key when it comes to teaching self settling.

And thirdly, run by a feed, play, sleep. If your little one is getting opportunities to get drowsy at other points in the day, it then takes their need away for good sleep, making teaching them to self settle much harder. So run your day as a feed, play, and sleep and you're halfway there.

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