• Proven methods and sanity-saving sleep plans that work quickly and effectively
  • A wealth of information that will allow you to not only understand the importance of healthy sleep habits but why we make particular changes
  • Support that addresses concerns and builds lasting confidence
  • Warmth and encouragement throughout our time together
  • Sleep and feeding guidance for both day and night
  • The ability to personalise the program as we go along based on how your child is responding
  • Healthy rest routines and habits that set children up for life
  • A range of packages for babies, toddlers and expectant parents
  • How to create nurseries and bedrooms that promote sleep
  • Answers to all of your questions plus guidance on regressions, teething, illness, travel and much more.

We understand how you feel, the hesitations you may have and the concerns that come with making change. We would be honoured to take you on a journey to better sleep for your little one, that will only leave you asking “why didn’t we do this sooner?”


I have put together a series of articles on the blog and short hints + tips videos of the most commonly asked questions around sleep for your baby, newborn or toddler. Visit these resources for useful hints and tips.