Milestone Cards by The Gentle Sleep Specialist

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How much awake time should my little one have? How many naps should they be on? When will I know if they are ready for more awake time?

Sound familiar?

These are some of the most common questions I get asked, so I wanted to bring you a product that took the guess work out of naps. Your little ones ability to settle well, sleep for longer than one cycle and set themselves up for a better night sleep is greatly reliant on their day structure. These cards give you a reliable guide based on over a thousand success stories.

Now, you have the answer right at your finger tips. Presented in a beautiful boxed set these Baby Milestone Cards by The Gentle Sleep Specialist have the answers you are looking for.

One side is embellished with your baby's age, that can be used to capture stunning shots of your little one as they grow. On the reverse you will find all the milestones for your babies sleep at that age, giving you a handy guide as to what sleep your little one needs in order to thrive, not just survive.

Printed on deluxe heavy weight white textured card and boxed beautifully, these Milestone cards make the most perfect gift if you are looking for something thoughtful for expecting parents, or make a beautiful gift to yourself to both educate yourself and to record precious moments with your little one.

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