Twelve Months Of You Diary

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Daily Diary and Keepsake Journal


  • Double spread monthly planner
  • Weekly spread
  • Appointment saver
  • Milestone keeper
  • Feed and sleep log
  • Notes section for each month
  • A daily diary with daily entries.
  • Nappy and hospital bag checklist
  • The day you were born measurements - one year later
  • Expert advice:
    • Feeding
    • Reflux & Colic
    • Post partum Naturopath
    • Solids 
    • Little teeth
    • Raising Toddlers
    • Play and physio
    • Mothers mental well being
  • Beautiful quotes and notes for Motherhood
  • Stunning photography
  • Exclusively designed pages and prints
  • Rose gold spiral binding

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Dear New Mum,

Congratulations on embarking on this extraordinary journey into motherhood! We understand that the first year with your precious little one is a whirlwind of emotions, milestones, and memories. That's why we've created a diary and journal that's not just a book but a cherished friend, here to support you through every step of this incredible adventure.

Designed with your needs in mind, our New Mum's Diary and First-Year Journal is your comprehensive companion. Start at any month and find dedicated chapters that expertly guide you through each milestone. This journal is more than just a place to store your memories; it's a treasure trove of support and wisdom. Each month features space for notes, appointments, milestones, weight and date charts - a place to record those cherished firsts. With daily entries, notes, appointments it is a diary you can use everyday.

Rest easy knowing that our journal is rooted in gentle parenting. You'll find expert advice from the most trusted names in the Paediatric field, offering guidance on breastfeeding, starting solids, postpartum health, little teeth, colic & reflux, mental health, sleep guidance as your little ones grows.

Amidst the practical advice, you'll discover beautiful quotes that celebrate the wonder of motherhood. These little gems of inspiration will uplift your spirits on days both challenging and rewarding. Monitor feeding and sleep patterns effortlessly with a dedicated downloadable log. This is a tool that not only helps you but can be invaluable when discussing your child's progress with healthcare professionals.

Your New Mum's Diary and First-Year Journal will become a cherished keepsake. The perfect place to look back and relive those precious moments, remember the laughter and tears, and see just how far you and your little one have come. Plus your everyday diary!

Welcome to motherhood, dear new mum. Your journey is extraordinary, and we're here to make it a bit easier, a lot more memorable, and filled with all the love it deserves. Order your New Mum's Diary and First-Year Journal today and start creating a beautiful record of your incredible adventure in motherhood. 

Here's to the magic of motherhood!
With love and support,

Tara Mitchell

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