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How do I know when to finish last nap? A guide with last nap wake times. 

3 month old – Approximately 6pm. 

4 – 6 months old – 5:30pm 

6 - 8 months old – 5/5:30pm 

9 – 12 months old – 4/4:30pm 

12 – 15 months old – 3:45/4pm 

15 months and over when on one nap per day you will need to gauge when latest wake time works for your little one. Some 2 year olds can sleep up until 3:30pm still back to bed at 7:30pm. For others they require more awake time.  You will need to use a little trial and error.  


Some really important points 

  • Bedtime is best between 6 -7:30pm for little ones 3 months and above. 
  •  For some little ones a short nap may mean they require less awake time before their next nap or bedtime. However for others they will even after a short sleep require their whole next awake period.
  •  If bedtime is due to fall early your babe may be best on the higher end of their awake time.  If bedtime is due to fall later they may be better with the lower end of their awake time.

 As an example Charlie is 14.5 months old. If he was to wake at 4:30pm, I would still pop him down by or for 7:30pm. However if he woke from an afternoon nap at 2:30pm he would typically make it to 4 hours awake time before bed. 

Do you feel lost with your little ones sleep? Feel you've tried every structure and possible nap sequence and you cannot seem to get sleep consistent? Our Baby sleep program is the perfect way to not only get this exact guidance but to get our knowledge and support along the way.


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