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Queensland sleep consultant

Hello, I’m Jo, Mum to Sebastian and wife to Colin.

I am so excited to be joining the TGSS family and to get helping more families achieve better sleep all round. After relocating from Darwin and settling on the Gold Coast, falling pregnant with Seb while doing shift work as a registered nurse in the hospital setting, I was continuously told I would be ok with the sleep deprivation that came with having a baby. 

Boy were they wrong!!! 8 months in and at breaking point with exhaustion and an unsettled baby, our relationship was starting to get affected and the little social butterfly that everyone knew me as was dwindling away. This is when I finally got help and our lives and sleep were changed in the most rewarding and best way whilst having our happy, cute baby back that we could enjoy instead of been so tired.

Sleep and all things sleep then became a passion of mine and I wanted to educate and learn more! Daily I would say to my friends and husband ‘I just want to know more about sleep’, my ears would prick up if I heard a Mum talking about sleep. At the beginning of my sleep journey, I was inspired reading beautiful comments and feedback to sleep consultants as I know firsthand how much life changes families for the best with good sleep!

With a health background and having been a Registered nurse for 10 years working with paediatrics and specialising in Emergency medicine including paediatrics I am excited to be helping families through transitions of sickness, daycare and regressions while still achieving good sleep which has tremendous impacts on the resilience and well being of babies and toddlers.

I can’t wait to meet your beautiful families!

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Registered Nurse
Paediatric Sleep Consultant 0-8 years of age
Paediatric Registered nurse
Circle of Security Parenting facilitator

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Registered Nurse
Paediatric sleep consultant
Circle of security parenting facilitator
Orofacial myofunctional therapy
Post grad child development
Current studies in OT

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Registered Nurse
Paediatric sleep consultant
Newborn Sleep Specialist

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Paediatric Sleep Consultant
Registered nurse
Masters health promotion

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Queensland sleep consultant

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Paediatric sleep specialist
Cert 4 in dental nursing and radiography

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