A Quick Guide - 6 Months Old Sleep Routine

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Do you ever wonder what your six month old sleep routine should look like? Here is an example of an ideal/approximate sleep day for a 6 month old baby.

Wake up Time

  • Wake - between 6 am and 7:30 am
  • Milk feed on waking.
  • Solids around 40 minutes after milk, doesn’t have to be specific.

Nap one

  • 1hr 30 mins to 1h 45m after waking, This nap should be more than one sleep cycle (longer than 1 hour).

    On waking

  • Offer a feed, play and solids if/as required, depending on how many solids your little one is on per day.

Nap two

  • 1h 45m to 2 hours later. Again nap two should be more than a single cycle (longer than 1 hour).

    On Waking

  • Feed then play. Solids if this is a time you typically offer them.

Nap three

  • Approximately 2hr to 2.5 hours later. This nap generally tends to be a single cycle nap and that’s totally fine.

    On waking

  • You can either offer milk on waking or hold off milk and do solids, then around 40 minutes before bed is due. I would offer milk, then bath, book and bed. Bedtime should fall around 1.5 hours after last nap. Between 5:30 pm to 7:30 p
If you would like more personalised advice about your little ones sleeping habits, you can contact me to make an appointment to work together. We can work with your one on one in the local area and have had as much success working with clients on Skype both nationally and internationally. Contact us for more information here if you are ready for your family to thrive, not just survive. You may wish to take a look at our other articles on Sleep Regression, Early Morning Waking Tips, Awake Time Guides and Car Naps for related information. The Gentle Sleep Specialist

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