Feeds & Sleep, how much?

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This is such a common question that we get so below, I have put in some guidelines

 0 to 3 months - as required! This Newborn period is a time for your little one to adjust to the big wide world, to feed as they need, establish their feeding and for you to get to know your little one. Some parents may choose to demand feed at this point, and others may start their little one on a 2 to 3 hourly structure. If your little one is on a bottle then you will need to follow the recommendations.

3 to 4.5 months, I would say that one to two night feeds at this age is appropriate.  If your little one starts to sleep through and doesn’t require a feed there’s no need to wake your baby unless medically advised otherwise. Especially if your little one is taking feeds well during the day.

 4-5 months through to one year of age. One night feed is completely appropriate or your little one can be going without night feeds, especially from six months as you start to bring solids onboard. You might want to drop the night feed earlier around 9 to 10 months if your little one is fully established on three solid meals a day.


(Above 3 months) If your little one is constantly snack feeding or distracted during feeds throughout the day it can leave many people questioning if their little one has had enough. This is when the constant offerings and re-offerings can begin. In our experience we often find it makes the snack feeding and poor sleep cycle worse. We recommend heading towards a feed, play and sleep structure and offering the last feed around 45 minutes before bed for the night trying to avoid the constant re-offerings in their awake time as that will exacerbate the snack feeding. It also then means babies feed closer to sleep, to sleep or mainly at night which isn’t the way humans are designed, we aren’t designed to take most of our calories at night time.

Many people try and get their little ones to become better feeders during the day before getting sleep sorted, especially if their little one is getting the majority of their calories overnight. We actually recommend getting night time sleep sorted. Our feed guides and structure paired with our sleep solution is absolutely magic when it comes to little ones becoming great feeders during the day and getting all the sleep they need through the night.

I know where you are at Mamas with feeds that just take so much time, the frustration around constantly trying to get more in, counting the mls and then the drain and toll that constant overnight waking can have. If you are feeling resentful around  feeds their really is another way.

 Our Baby Sleep Program gives you a feed & sleep method to follow an easy pattern that has transformed the feeding experience truly for many thousands of families around the world. I know feeding can cause a lot of angst but as I say to my clients, I need you to trust me and THEY NEVER LOOK BACK.




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