Successful Breastfeeding + Great Sleep

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Picture of breastfeeding baby for article discussing breastfeeding and baby sleep. Successfully breastfeeding and great sleep is an option!

5 Keys to Successful Breastfeeding and Great Sleep

  1. Breastfed babies sleep well too! I have worked with too many clients that were successfully breastfeeding only to swap to bottle feeding in the hopes to resolve sleep issues. It is rarely the case. Most sleep issues stem from prop association, not hunger. So if your little one is feeding well, gaining weight, having enough wet/soiled nappies and settled after feeds there is a good chance your supply isn’t the problem.
  2. Snack feeding can lead to snack sleeping. Keep your baby awake on feeds to ensure they have a good solid feed. This can really help overcome the messy cycle that comes from snack feeding and snack sleeping.
  3. I love a feed, play and sleep pattern. I use this for all of my clients above 12 weeks. It has become clear to me that when babies have consistency and routine they become very settled within it. Running a feed, play and sleep gives you a clear understanding of what’s next. By putting feeds at the beginning of an awake period also means you have a much greater chance of getting your baby to stay awake and have a full feed.
  4. Good sleep = better feeding. Have you ever noticed the more tired your little one is, the more fussy they are while feeding. In fact some babies can get into the habit of only feeding while sleeping, making feed times extremely tricky. Getting your baby great sleep sets them up for a good feed when they wake.
  5. Create a consistent bedtime routine that allows for a good feed prior to putting your little one into their cot. If your baby is above 12 weeks I would work on keeping them awake during the feed before bed, this is to ensure they have had a good feed. Then story time and off to bed. A typical routine might look like this. Bath, Pj’s, feed, books and bed.
It is important to remember fed is best. For some breastfeeding may not be possible or something they wish to do and that’s ok. For those of you who are breastfeeding, good sleep is possible. Pair that with some Milk and Nourish goodness and you’re on the right track. Always follow medical advice and SIDS SAFE guidelines. The Gentle Sleep Specialist xo

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