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Baby Sleep Consultant Answers all Questions on Getting Baby to Sleep

Help getting baby to sleep FAQ's from Facebook Live Event - answered!

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Help getting baby to sleep for parents is such a popular topic.  In a recent Facebook Live session, I opened the gates to help parents with their pressing baby sleep problems. What a success it was. So much so that I was unable to answer every question during the live interaction but, I have gone through and answered all the baby sleep questions below. I hope it extends to all the parents struggling with getting your little one to sleep and settle.

There is a huge amount of information on my website. You can look at the blog  for a list of my articles on baby sleep. The Four Month Sleep Regression is a common topic and something I am asked about all the time. Check that out if your little one is at that age.  In this post I talk about sleep regression through various ages from 4  Month Sleep Regression right through to 18 month olds and the various causes.

For now though, let's dive in and take a look at the questions I had. Hopefully we can give you some help on getting baby to sleep (and parents too!)

PLEASE NOTE - the video from the Facebook Live Q+A will be posted here shortly

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Baby Sleep Q+A