Two Year Baby and Toddler Sleep Regression ?

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Pushing boundaries, cognitive and physical development development and understanding are at a peak. Your little one is learning new and big things constantly. They have learnt to say no, their imaginations are beginning to come into play and they have also learnt that being in bed means missing out on the fun things they could be doing. Remember it’s your job to put boundaries and values in around things that help your little ones thrive. Be that diet, sleep, safety etc. Navigating this regression Check your babe isn’t ready for more awake time before bed. Often fighting bedtime is the first sign. Don’t panic instantly about regressions, it may mean they are ready for more awake time. Sleep pressure, cut the screen time and ensure your babes wind downs aren’t causing a second wind. Play and create during this time. Allow them to release that physical and mental energy. Their imaginations are coming alive at this time. It is perhaps time for the door open slightly and a night light on or a light on outside of their room. Please don’t be tempted to pop your babes into a bed at this point, talk about adding fuel to the fire ? Boundaries, get comfortable with holding them, being kind and leading. The “no’s” and requests will come in strong. Stay consistent with bedtime and boundaries. Allow the big emotions but no need to start letting things alter. Remember this always, toddlers push doors they don’t want to open. They need our boundaries!!! Be consistent and support but don’t start playing new roles to get your babe to sleep or back to sleep. Learn more about The Baby Sleep Program here.

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