Newborn colic +reflux sleep tips

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Sleep tips for newborns suffering with colic and reflux.

Do you have an unsettled newborn?

Here are my top tips to help with your little ones sleep when in the grips of colic and reflux.

photo of newborn crying with reflux blog post Babies with Colic Babies who suffer with colic are also often very easily overstimulated. Overstimulated babies can be quite deceiving in translation. Crying, fussiness and constant needing to feed may be key indicators your little one is in desperate need for some time out. It doesn’t take much for your babe to become over stimulated. White noise, dark room a snug swaddle and cuddle are great ways to calm an unsettled, irritable newborn. Focus on good solids feeds Focus on good solids feeds – meals rather than snack feeding. My clients find a significant improvement of symptoms when their tiny tummy’s are given a period to rest and digest properly between feeds. Encourage good solid feeds, time for a burp, cuddle and sleep. When you’re caught up in a constant cycle of snack feeding and snack sleeping it becomes really hard to determine what your little one is looking for next, generally equating to poor sleep and poor feeds.

Offer regular opportunities for sleep. The benefits of good quality sleep for a little one in the grips of colic and reflux is immeasurable

Opportunities for sleep Offer regular opportunities for sleep. The benefits of good quality sleep for a little one in the grips of colic and reflux is immeasurable. It allows their brains and digestive system the opportunity to carry out essential functions that benefit irritable and unsettled babies. Create a consistent routine for your little one and ensure sleep is a priority in your home. When managed well babies with reflux and colic can still achieve great sleep habits. Don’t let digestive issues continue to derail sleep habits long term. Tara Mitchell - The Gentle Sleep Specialist
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As a Paediatric Nurse, Mother and Qualified infant and toddler Sleep Consultant I work with families to resolve sleep issues and create positive routines within the home. Sleep is a pillar of health and effects the entire family’s mental, emotional and physical well-being. Contact me to get your little one sleeping well and follow my Facebook page for regular hints & tips.

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