Baby Sleep During The Winter Months

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The cold weather is about to set in, so let’s get in on the front foot when it comes to making sure our little ones sleep well!

One of the most common things people ask is, “how can I dress my baby warm enough for the second half of the night when it’s a tad warmer at the beginning of the night time?”.


Pay attention to temperatures in your baby’s environment

I remind people that you and your little one may be warmer post the bedtime routine (bath, getting them dressed, cuddles, play time etc). But it doesn’t take long for your babes to cool down. Not only will the external temperature drop, but their body temperature will also naturally drop when they fall asleep. Because of this, I’m more inclined (especially in the colder months) to dress them more to suit the temperatures during second half of the night. You can also cool their room a tad and turn that off when you head to bed around 9 or 10pm for example.

Bedroom Temperature

You do not need to make bub’s room hot or cold. I prefer to keep a little ones room at a neutral temp. Think of any heating you use as just taking the chill off the room. This will also prevent major temperature fluctuations through the night.

Dressing For Bedtime

Often the guides you come across on how to dress your little one for sleep aren’t quite as helpful as we’d like them to be!

Some guides may be spot on for your little one, but if you have a feeling your babe is still not warm enough, remember these guides often err on the side of caution/cooler dressing. Use your own common sense and judgment and don’t be afraid to follow that. If we (with our flannelettes and thick duvets, and often next to someone else’s body heat), still use a heater then there is a good chance a 2.5 tog and a singlet under a onesie may not be enough! In this case, adjusting the room temp or adding an extra layer may be beneficial.

Differences in Heating Systems

Be mindful that some heating systems can be super drying and quite powerful. I personally am a sucker for an oil heater, as are many of the parents I work with. We also want to keep in mind that beanies and hoodies aren’t safe for sleep. Your little one’s head plays a large role in releasing heat to help regulate their temperature, which is super important for sleep safety.

It’s Cold During the Day Too

Lastly, don’t forget that the same drop in temperature will occur during sleep during the day, so be sure to get your babe warm enough for day naps also. It may not be a rainy day but the temperature may still be quite low. I always recommend a sleeping bag or swaddle depending on the age of bub for day naps too.

I hope this helps your little one get through the cold nights ahead. Remember, if you need any further support, you can always get in touch so see how we can help out.

Sweet dreams! x


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