Top Tips For Day Sleeps

Is your little one not sleeping in their cot during the day?

Here are The Gentle Sleep Specialist’s Top Tips to get your baby and toddler sleeping their cot during the day.

It is so important to look at sustainability from a young age. What habits do you wish to see around and are they going to work when your little one get’s older?


Not enough exposure or opportunity from a young age – I really encourage parents to give their little ones plenty of opportunity to sleep in their sleep space from a young age. Whilst cuddles and having them sleep on you is essential and adorable in the early days, as they get older it can get harder for them to sleep as easily and for the amount of time they need to on you. If they then aren’t used to sleeping in their cot or bassinet making that change as they get older can get tricky. So give them plenty of opportunity to sleep in their own space from the very beginning.

Overtired = Overwired

Overtired babies are much harder to settle and even harder when we are trying to do it in their cot or bassinet. First nap of the day is a great starting point, they aren’t as overtired as they will be by nap 3 or 4. Make sure your little one isn’t over fired and begin from there.

tips-to-get-babies-todllers-sleeping-in-cot-during-day-300x174 Top Tips For Day Sleeps

Try some of these tips tp set up good habits that will see your little one sleep in their cot for day sleeps.


None of us become familiar or adjust in one attempt to a new practice. Commit to a period of time to get your little one used to this change. This will mean more time at home to practice and setting up a strong structure in their awake time so that they will recognise when sleep is coming and adapt quicker to the change.


Use a phrase, song or even a little routine prior to naps to symbolise bedtime.

Key Point

If your little one is dozing on their feeds this will take their appetite away for sleep. So if they have spent a good portion of their “awake “time drifting in and out or being lulled or drowsy this will tap away at their need for sleep and in turn a good settle ahead. Try keeping your babe more awake on their feed so they can have a good feed, short play or burp time and then into their bed.


Tara Mitchell

Tara Mitchell

As a qualified Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant, paediatric nurse, and mother, I have supported thousands of parents and families to create healthy sleep habits with their little ones. My caring nature enables me to build lasting rapport with families and create the best plan based on each individual child. Sleep provides much needed help to the physical, emotional and mental well being of the child and parents.

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