Sleeping through the night and life is sooo much better…

Tara!!!! It’s been almost 3 months now that my little girl has been sleeping through the night and life is sooo much better. I was literally surviving on 3-4 hours interrupted sleep per night for almost a year. Being the 3rd baby I was a little more relaxed and felt that she would eventually come round and learn in her own time to sleep just like her sisters did. I was wrong- some babies need more help than others. After a year it was time to get Tara to help and with 4 days we finally got a full nights sleep. My now 15 months daughter goes to bed without a fuss every night and sleeps for 12-13 hours . Day sleeps are great too and is a generally happier baby. Don’t wait for it to just get better- take action and let Tara help you get you on track. Everyone benefits from a good nights sleep.
Thanks sooo much Tara for helping us get Georgia on track and keeping our family sane xxxx