Baby Sleep Consultant Review
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Perth Baby Sleep Consultant Review: 5 month old baby waking every 1-2 hours in the night.


“I’m so glad that we found out about Tara! She was just amazing! When we first met up with Tara my 5 month old was waking every 1-2 hrly in the night and barely slept during the day, I was at break point and now he sleeps through the night just wake up once because we decided to keep 1 night feed going. He is a very happy chap during the day, he actually plays alone now! The transformation was just amazing! Tara was so approachable and patient! She took time even when she was sick to answer all my silly questions and support me through the initial days. It meant a lot to have someone to call to and be reassured. If you are reading the reviews wondering whether you should go ahead with it, don’t think twice. We are so much more happier and most importantly my bub is finally getting the sleep he should and it is one of the best decisions I ever made. can’t thank Tara enough for all her help!”