Baby Sleep Specialist Review
Sleeping Beauties Success!

The Gentle Sleep Specialist Testimonial: Rough patch with 9 month old baby sleep routine turned around.

One word can describe Tara “Amazing”!!. We hit a rough patch at 9 months with our little girl. The whole family was exhausted, I felt myself slipping back into postnatal anxiety due to sleep deprivation. We were at the point we were fearful of the nighttime. Tara completely turned this around within a day or two. Maya now sleeps 11-12 hours every night, naps are a dream, feeding is so much better and we now look forward to bedtime cuddles, it is effortless. Tara is very caring in her approach, she will bring a wealth of knowledge and understanding to any family, we could not recommend Tara enough. The business should be called the Gentle Life Saver. Maya now waves at her bed and says bye when she wants to go to sleep, we are all back to loving live thank you so much