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"I have had the privilege of working with thousands of parents and babies on baby sleep consultations throughout Perth. I am touched by the lovely reviews shared by my clients."

Over 160 5* Facebook Reviews

The Gentle Sleep Specialist – Qualified Baby Sleep Consultant. Client Testimonial.   “Having Tara come in to our home and teach us about sleep, the problems and how we were going to overcome them as a team was amazing”

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Baby Sleep Consultant Perth – Tara Mitchell. Package review of Sleepy Tots Program.   “We just wrapped up our 2 week session with Tara and I can honestly say it has changed our lives. Tara is extremely knowledgeable in the field of sleep and babies and is an expert when it comes to eradicating sleep Continue Reading

Maranne, Bryan and Mikey

Perth Baby Sleep Consultant Review: 5 month old baby waking every 1-2 hours in the night.   “I’m so glad that we found out about Tara! She was just amazing! When we first met up with Tara my 5 month old was waking every 1-2 hrly in the night and barely slept during the day, Continue Reading

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The Gentle Sleep Specialist Review – Overcoming Catnaps   I cannot recommend Tara highly enough and have so many good things to say about this program! As a first time parent I felt like I would spend hours settling only to have a baby who would catnap constantly throughout the day! The plan Tara gave Continue Reading

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Baby Sleep Consultant Review 4 month old baby “Tara is ammmmmazing!!! Our little guy (just over 4 months) slept 12 hours straight from night 2 and never looked back! Prior to Tara, we were up 2-5 times a night with feeds, having to feed or rock to sleep every time plus dealing with mini catnaps Continue Reading

Lisa - Fiji

The Gentle Sleep Specialist Testimonial: Rough patch with 9 month old baby sleep routine turned around. One word can describe Tara “Amazing”!!. We hit a rough patch at 9 months with our little girl. The whole family was exhausted, I felt myself slipping back into postnatal anxiety due to sleep deprivation. We were at the Continue Reading


Baby Sleep Consultant – Tara Mitchell. Client review – Baby now sleeping 12 hours a night.   “The night Tara came to our home our little boy settled within 20 mins and slept for 5.5 hours (longest he has ever slept) before resettling very quickly and sleeping another 3 hours. Within two nights he was Continue Reading

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Baby Sleep Specialist Review: 3 year old finally overcame battle with sleep!   We have just finished 2 weeks under the gentle guidance of Tara, who has completely changed our lives. Our almost 3 y.o has always battled with sleep – we had a little success with another consultant when we was a baby but Continue Reading

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Baby Sleep Consultant Review: Night waking stopped.   “Why didn’t we do this sooner! After months of night waking, Tara from The Gentle Sleep Specialist has changed our world around and not to mention our sanity! Overnight we saw our little girl sleep a whole 12 hours, have two long day naps and she has Continue Reading

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