The Gentle Sleep Specialist is committed to protecting personal information which is provided to, used and held by it.

As part of its activities, the Gentle Sleep Specialist may collect personal information about you and your child directly, or indirectly (such as website cookies), from the provision of services or using the Gentle Sleep Specialist’s website.

Personal information collected of you or your child may include names, addresses, email addresses and birth dates. The Gentle Sleep Specialist may also collect sensitive information of you or your child such as religious beliefs and health information. If we do not collect such information, the quality of services we provide to you may be impacted.  

The Gentle Sleep Specialist will use personal information (including sensitive information) for the primary reason for which it was obtained (or a related secondary reason with prior consent or as permitted by law) including to provide services to you, website optimisation and communication.

The Gentle Sleep Specialist may disclose personal information to necessary Australian third parties (subject to reasonable protective measures being in place), when providing relevant services or where the Gentle Sleep Specialist is required or authorised by law.

Personal information may be stored in hard copy or electronic format and the Gentle Sleep Specialist will endeavour to ensure personal information is secure and protected from unauthorised access. Personal information, which is no longer required, shall be destroyed or de-identified.

Please contact the Gentle Sleep Specialist at if any personal information of yours, or your child’s, held by the Gentle Sleep Specialist requires correction or you require access to it.  

The Gentle Sleep Specialist may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time.


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