Sleeping Beauties
Phone Consultation


The Sleeping Beauties Phone Consult. In this private 60 minute phone consultation  you will learn how to create great sleep habits and resolve any current sleep issues. Sleep plays such an important role in your little ones physical, mental and emotional well-being. Let’s work together to make the changes necessary to resolve sleep issues, create healthy sleep habits and establish personalised routines.

Included in this package

Preliminary evaluation

A comprehensive questionnaire about your infant/toddler’s current sleep habits and routine. This gives me a chance to get to know your current situation prior to our meeting so I can begin devising a personalised plan for your little one.

A private, 60 minute phone consultation

We will discuss:

  • Family dynamics.
  • How to incorporate positive communication with you and your little ones.
  • Current feelings and sleep goals.
  • Current feed and sleep regimes.
  • Current sleep habits.
  • Talk about the things that may be hindering your baby’s ability to sleep well.
  • Implement a bedtime routine that promotes sleep and gives your child predictability and consistency.
  • Implement a sleep method that I will walk you through step by step, to have your little one sleeping through and waking much happier.
  • Guidance on the best feeding and sleep routines for your little ones.
  • Give you detailed explanations as to how and why we make particular changes
  • Address any doubt you may have around your child’s sleep.
  • Up to 12 days of support calls over a 14 day period (excluding Sunday) approximately 10 mins in duration each.
  • During the second week clients will receive second daily phone calls.


Sleeping Beauties for toddlersalso includes a preliminary questionnaire, a 60-minute phone consultation that will include guidance, as seen above that, is age appropriate and personalised to your child. Step to step change management plan, personalised email plan and two weeks of follow up, as stated above and in the chart, to guide and support you to wonderful results.

Sleeping Beauties Phone Consult follow up inclusive

1 email – The email included is available for my clients to use for up to 6 months after the initial consult. It gives clients a chance to ask any questions that may arise as their little one goes from one milestone to the next.


$495.00 + $150 for twins

Call The Gentle Sleep Specialist on 0404 987 982 or email to discuss how this package could help you and to arrange a complimentary 15-minute sleep evaluation for your child.

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