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We all feel better with good sleep - your baby is no different. I often hear remarks from previous clients about how great sleep changed my clients’ little one’s demeanor for the better.  Many of my existing clients remark that with good sleep, their babies become more content, happy and engaged.

Baby Sleep Package for newborn babies (under 8 weeks) and expectant parents at Perth Paediatrics

Firstly, congratulations! This truly is such an exciting time in life and I am so thrilled to become a part of your journey. I am a passionate advocate of the benefits of sleep for babies and families and applaud your decision to instil healthy sleep habits in your  baby from an early age.

I am a Paediatric Nurse, an Infant & Toddler Sleep Consultant, former International Nanny, and Mother of two. Little ones are what I know best. I absolutely love the work I do and the relationships I build with my clients.

Learning more about babies sleep, settling, routine and feeding in the early days of having your little one

Sleep is a pillar of health. Good sleep plays a huge role in the physical, emotional and relational outcome of your baby and your family. Healthy sleep habits are life changing and can transform your entire parenting journey in the early years from simply surviving to thriving.
Good sleep gives your baby the chance to:

  • Settle better - Overtired babies can be extremely irritable and may present as unsettled, cry intensely for long periods and/or often, have difficulty feeding, or be unable to settle well in their bassinet or cot.
  • Develop well - Sleep plays a crucial part in the physical and mental development of your little one.
  • Feed effectively - Overtired babies often struggle to feed well and for reasonable periods of time.
  • Digest - Sleep is so important for the digestive system. Giving your little one the rest they need allows their little tummies time to rest and digest.

What is involved in a Newborn + Expectant Parents Sleep Consultation at Perth Paediatrics?

All Newborn + Expectant Parents Sleep Consultations are personalised. I take the time to get to know more about yourselves and your current situation with sleep and your baby, any concerns and questions plus the following:

In a 75 minute personal consultation we will discuss:

  • Education on safe sleep practice for your baby.
  • Building an understanding of the foundations of good sleep practice for newborns.
  • Creating a nursery for your baby that promotes sleep.
  • Building positive and nurturing bedtime routines.
  • The best awake times for your little one based on age.
  • Feeding routines that allow and encourage plenty of time for demand feeding in the early weeks.
  • Step-by-step ways to achieve healthy sleep habits for your baby and family from birth.
  • Guidance on how to avoid sleep issues with your little one.
  • Education on making changes to resolve sleep habits that may already be problematic for your newborn.
  • Any questions or concerns you may have around your baby’s sleep. No questions left unanswered.

Ongoing support after the Baby Sleep Consultation

After our consultation you have access to further support for sleep concerns with your Newborn through 2 follow-up emails. They can be used at any stage in the first six months when you feel you could use additional guidance with your newborns sleep.*

Having a professional and recommended Baby Sleep Consultant to support and guide you through the beginning stages is such an invaluable way to get sleep off to a great start for both you and your baby.

There is so much contradicting information in regards to baby sleep routines out there. Often parents are left feeling overwhelmed and confused. By working one-on-one with a Baby Sleep Consultant, you will leave feeling informed and empowered.

*Email support is limited to 2 separate emails and one response to eachemail during the 6 months after your initial consultation in regards to babies sleep problems. If further advice is required at this time, a new package will be negotiated prior to ongoing support being provided.

Package cost - $195.00

Next Steps:

Click BOOK NOW to arrange your consultation with The Gentle Sleep Specialist. You will be directed to an online form where you can answer a series of questions prior to meeting with The Gentle Sleep Specialist, and list any particular concerns.

A Gentle Sleep Specialist Consultant will call you to discuss your appointment prior to attending your appointment.

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