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Baby Sleep Routines

Baby Sleep during the Silly Season

Saving Sleep During the Season. Tips from a Baby Sleep Consultant. As featured on LyfeStyled by Kyly Clarke This week, Lyfestyled welcomes guest writer Tara, who is a certified sleep consultant and paediatric nurse who is here to give us some tips on how our bubs can get some sleep over the busy, holiday season!…

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No more short naps for baby

Baby – no more short naps   Short naps for baby … If you have a little one, chances are you know exactly what I’m talking about!   It’s the type of nap that takes longer to get your little one to sleep than the time they actually sleep for. The ones where we find…

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Steps to a better night’s sleep

As featured on Baby Hints & Tips Steps to a better night’s sleep   Sleep … is it elusive in your house?   A few common things might just be hindering your little one’s sleep without you knowing it. Steps to a better night’s sleep If you’re saying yes to any of the questions below,…

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Repetition and association for baby sleep

  Repetition and association – the key to a good night’s sleep Sleep expert, Tara Mitchell, explains how repetition and association are crucial factors in understanding a baby’s disturbed sleep pattern. Children have numerous sleep cycles every night and roll through many light phases of sleep, especially in the early hours of the morning. Once…

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