Baby Sleep Cycles

A Quick Guide – 6 Months Old Sleep Routine

Do you ever wonder what your six month old sleep routine should look like? Here is an example of an ideal/approximate sleep day for a 6 month old baby. Wake up Time Wake – between 6 am and 7:30 am Milk feed on waking. Solids around 40 minutes after milk, doesn’t have to be specific.…

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Signs of an overtired baby and what you can do

Overtired baby? Signs to look for and what you can do. Overtired baby? Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there and often, it’s not pleasant!! Have you heard yourself saying that your little one ‘just isn’t tired’ or they’re always ‘fighting sleep’? Instead, it’s very likely that your child is overtired! What happens when a…

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Baby Awake Times Guide: Newborn to 18 months old.

UNDERSTAND BABY AWAKE TIMES TO AVOID AN OVERTIRED BABY.   Understanding baby awake times  and sleep times is an effective way of managing your baby’s routine and avoiding an overtired baby. Are you struggling with your little one’s sleep and feel uncertain as to what baby awake times should be? Do you find yourself constantly…

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