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Dream Feeds for Baby

My  opinion on dream feeds by a Baby Sleep Consultant.   Work with The Gentle Sleep Specialist Should you dream feed your baby? Dream feeds – are they  a good idea? Personally, I don’t recommend them. Please read on to find out why.   Note: Before you read on I will say for some dream feeds…

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Baby and Toddler Sleep Tips for Daycare

View Baby Sleep Packages Baby and Toddler Sleep Tips for Daycare Keeping sleep on track when your little one is in daycare. It’s no secret sleep can be hit and miss when your child is at daycare. Some little ones may have learnt a different set of rules in daycare, they may even settle easier…

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Sleep Regression: 4 to 18 month olds

Let’s Talk About Sleep Regression: from 4 months old through to 18 months We have all heard of the four month sleep regression but I am am sure many of you have also experienced rough patches around the 8 – 10 month mark and again around 16 – 18 months of age. Sleep regression happens…

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Tips from a Baby Sleep Consultant

Tips from a Baby Sleep Consultant A variety of tips and experiences on sleep for your baby, infant or toddler This is where you will find the videos and tips that I frequently share on my Facebook Page (don’t forget to like it over on Facebook) on a variety of topics. Overtired babies,  sleep deprivation…

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