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Tips from a Baby Sleep Consultant

By Tara Mitchell | 22 December 2017

Tips from a Baby Sleep Consultant A variety of tips and experiences on sleep for your baby, infant or toddler This is where you will find the videos and tips that I frequently share on my Facebook Page (don’t forget to like it over on Facebook) on a variety of topics. Overtired babies,  sleep deprivation…

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How to tell if baby is overtired an how to help with sleep

Signs of an overtired baby and what you can do

By Tara Mitchell | 22 December 2017

Overtired baby? Signs to look for and what you can do. Overtired baby? Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there and often, it’s not pleasant!! Have you heard yourself saying that your little one ‘just isn’t tired’ or they’re always ‘fighting sleep’? Instead, it’s very likely that your child is overtired! What happens when a…

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Guide to The Four Month Sleep Regression

Four Month Sleep Regression

By Tara Mitchell | 23 November 2017

Baby Sleep Consultant: My Guide to The Four Month Sleep Regression   Hello, Tara here from The Gentle Sleep Specialist. I frequently receive questions about the dreaded 4 month sleep regression, so here are my thoughts on this time in your little one’s life.   Read: What is the Four Month Sleep Regression?   The…

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Baby + Newborn Sleep Tips from Facebook

By Tara Mitchell | 10 October 2017

Baby Sleep Consultant – Sleep Tips A Collection of Facebook Baby Sleep Tips from The Gentle Sleep Specialist Daycare + Sleep for Babies. Keeping sleep on track when your little is in daycare. It’s no secret sleep can be hit and miss when your child is at daycare. Some little ones may have learnt a…

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Newborn colic +reflux sleep tips

By Tara Mitchell | 03 August 2017

Sleep tips for newborns suffering with colic and reflux. Do you have an unsettled newborn? Here are my top tips to help with your little ones sleep when in the grips of colic and reflux. Babies with Colic Babies who suffer with colic are also often very easily overstimulated. Overstimulated babies can be quite deceiving…

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