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Teaching Baby to Self Settle and how to handle babies nap transitions - advice from Baby Sleep Consultant, The Gentle Sleep Specialist, Tara Mitchell

Self Settling and Nap Transitions

By Tara Mitchell | 17 July 2018

view my packages Read on to find out some of my best tips for dealing with teaching your little one to self settle and handling nap transitions. Self Settling   4 KEY points when teaching your little one to self settle!   Start At The Beginning of the night I always recommend starting from the…

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What to do when your baby naps n the car by Gentle Sleep Specialist and Baby Sleep Consultant - Tara Mitchell

Babies + Car Naps

By Tara Mitchell | 17 July 2018

Little ones fall asleep in the car – often! Sometimes they’re a blessing, sometimes they’re a pain!! Falling asleep, or even just becoming drowsy or lulled, in the car can play a huge role as to why your little one is having difficult settles at sleep times later on during the day.    what are…

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Top Car Travel Tips for babies - Baby Sleep Consultant

Car Travel Tips

By Tara Mitchell | 16 July 2018

CONTACT ME Are car trips a nightmare for you and your little one?   “My little one just screams during car trips” or “car trips are an absolute nightmare for us, I feel anxious and stuck at home as a result”.   I unfortunately hear these comments quite frequently. It is also the reality for…

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Dream Feeds for Baby

By Tara Mitchell | 03 April 2018

My  opinion on dream feeds by a Baby Sleep Consultant.   Work with The Gentle Sleep Specialist Should you dream feed your baby? Dream feeds – are they  a good idea? Personally, I don’t recommend them. Please read on to find out why.   Note: Before you read on I will say for some dream feeds…

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Baby and Toddler Sleep Tips for Daycare

By Tara Mitchell | 29 March 2018

View Baby Sleep Packages Baby and Toddler Sleep Tips for Daycare Keeping sleep on track when your little one is in daycare. It’s no secret sleep can be hit and miss when your child is at daycare. Some little ones may have learnt a different set of rules in daycare, they may even settle easier…

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