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The Gentle Sleep Specialist - Baby Sleep Consulting Philosophy

Being a Sleep Consultant means being welcomed into a family’s home to make change with their loved little one.  The responsibility this brings is nothing short of an honour, and is always taken seriously. I would like to share my Baby Sleep Philosophy with you.

The Gentle Sleep Specialist is built on the values of compassion, professionalism and love. The relationships I create with my clients are a testament to this, and are reflected through my ongoing success, word of mouth referrals and the great rapport I maintain.

client-testimonial-tara-mitchell Baby Sleep Philosophy
review-baby-sleep-consultant-perth-the-gentle-sleep-specialist Baby Sleep Philosophy

I believe each child is unique, and I take the time to adapt my programs accordingly. I believe no one knows your baby better than you do, so by working together and listening to my clients, I can create the best outcome for families.

Your little one is my number one concern and every action taken is explained in great detail. SIDS safe guidelines are always given the utmost consideration, and my nursing background also allows me to recognise any potential concerns.

Getting sleep sorted makes for healthier children and mentally, emotionally and physically healthy families. As a Paediatric Nurse, Mother and qualified Sleep Consultant I will help you establish sustainable routines and sleep habits that will transform your journey for the better.


Warm Regards,

Tara Mitchell