About Tara Mitchell | The Gentle Sleep Specialist


I'm Tara Mitchell and I would love to tell you about myself and the journey that led me to becoming the Gentle Sleep Specialist.

I have always worked with children since a young age, initially nannying in Perth and overseas for a number of years both before and during university. I graduated as a Registered Nurse and specialised in Paediatric Nursing, which I adored. I got to combine my two loves - children and helping others. In 2013 I got the amazing news that we were expecting our first born. I was elated.  Like many, my dreams had come true. I envisioned play dates, long sleepy cuddles, pram walks, coffee dates and days and nights spent gazing at my content little newborn. Sounds cliche but I genuinely imaged things to be like that. I had worked with little ones for thirteen years, I knew it would have it's ups and downs but how hard could it be, right?

I knew it would have it's ups and down but how hard could it be, right?

Oh Scarlett my sweet baby girl, she came, she screamed, she conquered. Let's just say things didn't go to plan. The moment my milk came in we had a very unsettled bub. Scarlett suffered with diarrhea up to 17 times a day, hospital trips due to weight loss, unexplained rashes, irritability and crying spells. There was a whole lot of tears, bouncing, rocking and holding, settling little S was next to impossible. I was desperate, I was desperate for a fix for her tummy and something to simply help her. You name it, I tried it. Scarlett was diagnosed with milk protein intolerance and reflux and I became anxiety ridden trying to find ways to help her. People kept saying it would just "take time". I remember that phrase suffocated me, literally. The anxiety I got not knowing how long this would last for and that she wasn't getting the sleep she needed, left me feeling completely helpless. I loved her so dearly, I had all the patience in the world for her, I fiercely adored her but, was it what I imagined? Nothing like what I had imagined.

After three months of  severe sleep deprivation I began to explore options to get sleep sorted and began using different techniques. The difference that sleep made was incredible, both in her and our little family. Getting sleep sorted was a total game changer.  She woke happy, she fed better, her weight increased, her tummy settled, her reflux was minimal. Our family was thriving, not simply surviving.

The difference that sleep made was incredible, both in her and our little family.

When Scarlett was 6 months old I trained to become a sleep consultant. I believe everything in my life has led me to do what I do.  I see this every day by the success and relationships I have with my clients. I have now worked with thousands of clients around the world though both private consulting and the Baby Sleep Program have become a trusted referral source for Pediatricians, Midwives, Child Health Nurses, Pharmacists, Psychologists, Teachers and many more. I am an expert contributor for a number of parenting sites, blogs and media outlets.

The Gentle Sleep Specialist has grown to include Nicola,  who is an amazing Sleep Consultant plus a team of behind the scenes people which enables me to spend more time working one on one with families. We have a variety of packages to suit your families needs and also offer an online Baby and Toddler Sleep Program

I want you to experience all of the things you imagined, give your little one the best start to life and have this time only strengthen your family's relationship.

Tara Mitchell xo